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#workplaceconfessionstories 3 [eng translated.]

[English Translation]

It happened at a bar one time when I was out with my friends. I am a very flamboyant guy who likes to dress up ambiguously(for context) so I was wearing an oversized sweatshirt + slim fit jeans + heels.

I went to the toilet and when I got back from the toilet, a group of women(possibly some of them are butch women; tomboy if u will) stop me for a conversation. I'm for conversation at a bar if there were no harm involved.

But they proceed to tease me by touching my crotch area asking whether or not I still have 'it'. I understand the intention to joke around but u are not my friend, even my friends never touched me down there. Let alone being forceful about it. It scared me because for once in my life, I feel very, very vulnerable and uncomfortable in my own skin, in what I wear.

Another time, I was sleeping in a shared bedroom with a group of people that I sorta trusted in because we have worked together multiple times for performances. It happened at a homestay. I couldnt sleep so I was reading something off of my phone only to realize I being groped from my behind.

He was a guy around 30 years or slightly younger than that. I thought he was probably doing so because he was dreaming or something.

But, he went on for longer until I realized,

"Oh my god, what is going on??"

I couldnt get up and alarm anyone else because I am not that close to anyone else in said shared bedroom compared to him who are probably closer to them.

I try to act cool but half an hour or so went on until I realized he tries to get his hands in my pants. I immediately got up and stormed out of the room and stayed outside despite lacking sleep because of it.

Because of this, I've developed very immense reaction whenever people touched me especially when they're not close to me. It is so scary and it makes me feel like I'm overreacting when I immediately slapped my friends' hands when they suddenly touched me without a warning.

The feeling of insecurity that sometimes made me cry when I realized the position I'm in. - James

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