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#workplaceconfessionstories 2 [eng translated.]

[English Translation]

Age: 25 years old. The age of the most recent perpetrator is 58 years old.

He's my colleague, working as a security guard. He's known for giving good massages, as described by most of my colleagues. I was also an eyewitness to that. Few weeks ago, I had a terrible shoulder pain. I was in need of someone to just press on my shoulder to ease the stiffness because I felt like I was going to faint.

No one else nearby because it was 7 am & I was the first to arrive at my workplace. He also happened to be a trustworthy person until he gave me a shoulder massage. His hands wandered off to my chest and suddenly groped my breasts. (A/N: I was wearing a loose kurung, but then whatever I wear is never an invitation to touch me without my consent.)

He added fuel to the fire by saying :

"Your breasts are big, westerners love big breasts."

It was, by far, the most horrifying experience I've ever had in my history of being sexually harassed because it's coming from the person you trusted. Ever since that event, I've been keeping my distance & covering myself up with a jacket from him every time I had to pass by him. To add, I was on medications (Prozac, Xanax & Rivotril) prescribed by my psychiatrist to heal from my clinically diagnosed MDD & acute anxiety circa 2021. I stopped taking them without my doctor's advice because I thought I was feeling better, until I keep getting the flashbacks which are mentally damaging. This event is traumatising me to the core. -Sharon

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