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#relationshipconfessionstories 3 [eng translated.]

[English Translation]

I was 20. young and stupid. we met through our friends. he was nice, cute, generous, a very great son too. i had an unhealthy relationship before him and a year later, after jumpa this guy baruk ada rasa mena2 maok move on. and i did. semua unicorns and rainbows masa awal relationship sampe nampak nya start mintak2 benda lain. and i said yes. because i thought that was love, and maybe it was. maybe we were in love until one day it wasn't love anymore, it was all sex and stuff.

i got addicted to him, but everytime maok kelua the guy mesti mintak something. i like hugs and stuff but he always maok lebih. but he never really paksa sampai one day he did. i told him no. i said stop it syg. and he said please just sikit jak. and i cried but i let him do it. i let him do it because i sikmaok nya lari from me. i was 20. all i ever wanted was to be loved and i got it from him.

at the end of the day, we broke up. but even after nya ada gf baru few months after the break up, the guy still ajak jumpa kdg2. for sex and just sex. but i thought maybe if i just follow jak apa the guy maok, maybe the guy akan realised that "she really loves me. this is the girl i want in my life" something mcmya.

but i was wrong. everytime after the guy dapat apa dimaoknya, mesti nya terus balit. kakya sik kelaka on thw way home. and benda tok jadi almost sebulan. he just wanted my body, not my soul, not my love anymore.

nya cuma maok sex dari his ex because apparently i was too naive to sedar yang the guy dah sik syg. and it took me months to finally berenti nangis and removed the guy from my life, completely.

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