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#childhoodconfessionstories 4 [eng translated.]

[English Translation]

This story happened in 2014, which is a year after my SPM. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old. I stayed with my mum and her new husband, which is my stepfather. So, they got married and had two kids, which are my brothers.

My stepfather is very fierce and of course I am scared of him. But he started to treat me differently after I got offered to enter matriculation. This will always be fresh in my mind and I will never forget it. After I was done with SPM, I entered PLKN.

After I was done with PLKN, before I entered matriculation, it all started. Around a week before I was supposed to leave for matriculation, I was confused why he always came home from work early. Usually, my mum will com back early because she has to fetch my brothers from school but at that time, her husband is the one who comes home early.

The first day that he came back early, he asked me to get on his back, like a piggyback ride when we were kids. Can you imagine? I'm 18, hello! but I was dumb and I just followed hmm. He started apologising to me because he used to abuse me when I was younger.

Okay lah. If he wanted to apologize, then just apologize. All those things were unnecessary. And he asked me to sit on his lap and he started to touch my boobs. His excuse was that my mom said I complained that I got asthma during PLKN but I managed to complete my PLKN without going back.

He pretended to ask if my chest was okay or not? Hello??? Even if I had chest pain, its none of your business and you don't have the rights to touch my boobs. He had the audacity to ask me if I had laced the front door because he's scared that if my mom comes back and saw us in that condition.

I got angry and immediately went into my room, locked the door until my mom came home. The next day, he came home early again andddddd he wanted to teach me how to french kiss because he was thinking that I was in an all girls school since I was small until I was grown up and I've probably never had a boyfriend and all that. haha That's funny because at that time, I did have a boyfriend. I was just careful in hiding if I had a boyfriend.

Does he think I'm that stupid? At that time, it was such a major turn off until even my mom noticed how differently I treated him. I never told anyone including my biological father. Even before I entered degree, he did the same thing. I don't know lah his level of horniness until he did that.

Until the year 2018, I finished my degree, I decided to move out and stay with my father. At first my father was confused but he left it at that. Only in 2019 did I have the guts to tell him everything. Surprisingly, he knew!!!! Because the first time my dad met my mom's new husband, he could sense somethin was wrong. My dad once felt like fighting for child custody but sadly, I was sent to a boarding school in semenanjung and the case closed just like that.

I think that is it. Whatever it is, girls always take good care of yourself. Nowadays, there is an increase in perverts out there especially those who pretend to be pure. Like my mom's husband, he appears to be pure on the outside, prays a lot lah, is religious lah but in reality, even his own step-daughter he wants to try out. hehhhhhh. - Emma

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