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#childhoodconfessionstories 3 [eng translated.]

[English Translation]

I was 9. I had just come home from school and wanted to play video games in my parent's room when two of my cousins (12,13) walked in.

They asked me, :

"Do you want to play a game with us?"

I naively believed that we were playing a game; until 12 locked the door and 13 made me lie down and close my eyes.

13 raped me while 12 watched. They both took turns violating me while I laid there paralyzed by fear. When they had their fun, 13 made me pull my blood soaked panties up while they cleaned up and unlocked the door.

Before they left, 12 spat in my face;

"Remember, we didn't molest you. You said yes. You asked for this."

I never asked for it. - Hurt

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