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Outreach & Training

The aim of this programme was to reach out to the population that is more susceptible of becoming victims of sexual abuse - children. At the end of 2018 the number of reported child sexual abuse cases had increased and often these crimes are committed by someone who the children are familiar with.

To make our outreach more sustainable, it is important to educate the teachers, counsellors, PIBG members, other parents and members of the public on this issue. We train them on reporting procedures, identifying early signs of children being abused, and the programme SWWS uses to educate children on Child Personal Safety. With this knowledge, they are able to conduct further training sessions regularly for the children they have daily contact with in their community so more children are reached and communities are empowered. 

In collaboration with the students from Drama and Theatre Program in UNIMAS, we carried out the Child Safety Awareness Programme with 167 Primary 6 students from 4 schools. The programme included performances of short sketches and interactive education on identifying personal body parts, safe and unsafe touches as well as exposing them to different circumstances of sexual violence (i.e.sexual abuse, grooming, blackmailing).



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