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Breaking Our Silence

This exhibition lends a voice to our Sarawakians sharing their lived realities of the prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual violence in our community:


By opening our eyes and ears to other people's experiences, we are able to better support our survivors.

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About the campaign


We must work towards a survivor-centric community.


There is a taboo behind the topic of sexual harassment and violence amongst us. Shame hates having words around it, but if we speak, harassment, rape, assault, abuse, and grooming to language and light, we can destroy it.


They are only victims when the community labels and enables them. They are survivors when we speak up for when they are not okay. We must identify that the responsibility of harassment and violence lies with the perpertrators or we fail to put an end to it. Let's stand in solidarity to end violence against women and children.


Hear us. See us. Believe us. Protect Us.



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